Hollywood Theatre

In the space of a few years, Portland's Hollywood Theatre has transformed. What used to be a run-down theater showing generic indie fare has become one of the preeminent movie houses in the country—one that regularly offers a diverse range of films, 70mm screenings, first-run and repertory fare, and frequently remarkable events. Last weekend, for example, the 2017 Portland Black Film Festival kicked off with two sold-out showings of Quentin Tarantino's personal 35mm print of Coffy, with star Pam Grier in attendance.

Now, after a slew of delays (here at the Mercury, we started hearing rumors about this a few years ago, at which point the Hollywood was very tight-lipped about the whole thing), the Hollywood's about to try something new: Starting February 23, the 17-seat Hollywood Theatre at Portland International Airport will offer free, local short films for those arriving at or departing from PDX. The microcinema is located in Concourse C—past security—so it'll only be accessible to those traveling through the airport.

Co-programmed by the Hollywood's Doug Whyte and Alison Hallett (who, several millennia ago, was the Mercury's arts editor), the microcinema's initial, hour-long loop of shorts from Pacific Northwest filmmakers will include Mic Capes' "No More" video; Portland: You Are Here, "a video series made by Portland State University film students which profiles Portland residents"; the documentary The Lost Fish; the contemporary classic Soul Plane; and Finding Oregon, a "compilation of six months of timelapse photography across the state." The theater will work with regional filmmakers to update its programming a few times a year.

You'll note Rogue One: A Star Wars Story isn't on that list, but here it is anyway as they test out the screen.

Hollywood Theatre

And here's the reverse view, where someone in the back row has already gotten you your Venti Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, just the way you like it! BUT QUICK TURN BACK AROUND K-2SO IS ABOUT TO SAY SOMETHING FUNNY TO JYN

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Hollywood Theatre

Man. This thing isn't even finished yet and I already hate the airport a tiny bit less! I'll be checking out the microcinema in person in the next week or so. I'll update this post then if I've got any more useful info, or if airport security kicks me out because I keep belligerently demanding they show Alive.

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