Trump supporter on Inauguration Day
Trump supporter on Inauguration Day Spencer Platt / Getty

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Yesterday I shared with you the news about a Lake Oswego businessman (Kevin "the Geek" Kerwin) who hates liberals, Bruce Springsteen, and is putting together a pro-Trump march on March 4. Kerwin's got about 123 people signed up to attend so far, and seems to be inferring that his march will be far superior to other local marches. From the Lake Oswego Review:

“It’s just a friendly walk down the sidewalks,” he says. “We’re not going to block traffic, smash windows or light cars on fire.”

GIVE THIS MAN A COOKIE! Anyway, some of you may be very interested to know that there's now a counter-protest to the March 4 Trump rally, which will finally bring some excitement to the bored lives of posh Lake O residents. From the Facebook page:

There is a nationwide call for a "March 4 Trump" and the official Oregon event is at George Rogers park in Lake Oswego. We need to show up and protest this nonsense. We will educate the ignorant, fight the Fascism and fight Trump!

Oregon is a state of resistance and we do not welcome these kind of events in our state, we do not welcome misogynists, racists, fascists and xenophobes.

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We will outnumber them, they don't even have a chance.

Sounds like fun! Find out more info, and sign up to participate here. And if you looking for other ways to get involved, check out the Mercury's RESISTANCE AND SOLIDARITY calendar here.

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