Man Behind Lake Oswego Pro-Trump Rally Says Awful Things on Social Media (Surprised?)


Don't forget about this one:…
it's funny how the village idiot gets news articles written about losers need to get off facebook. i'm sure there are more intelligent pro-trump supporters you could have focused on, but they wouldnt be easy targets, would they? don't you know that it isnt politically correct to make fun of the intellectually challenged?
"Intelligent pro-Trump supporters" is a total idiosyncrasy. Not only is there no such thing, but the statement itself is redundant and proves the writer did not graduate high school.
Hey Mercury, are you ready to admit that you were wrong last year about ignoring the local fascists organizing for Trump? Better late than never I guess.
This Kevin guy is just a loser in life who is taking out his anger over his own inadequacies on others. It's sorta pathetic, really. And he's not even good at repairing computers, if you look at his Yelp reviews. Just another sad, angry racist who thinks people care. *Yawn*
Well, we now know who is responsible for all the negative yelp reviews I just saw, maybe the editor or writer of this article can be sued by the business owner? At the very least, he can be named as a defendant. Leave it to the jury on his guilt. This is the childish behavior of the left: "you dont share my point of view, so im gonna ruin your business." Total losers. The nation is getting tired of you freaks, and its becoming more apparent as the days go by.
"The nation" meaning Mother Russia, Trollski?
hey aurelius, i didnt graduate high school and i do realize that that term was redundant, but did a little redundancy in any way obfuscate the meaning of my message? no, the redundancy did not obfuscate the meaning of my message. i dont proof-read, capitalize, or use all the apostrophes i should and i am often drunk when posting on the internet, but that does not mean that my message is worth less because of a few negligible grammatical omissions. statistically speaking, there's a 99% chance that i am smarter than you aurelius, regardless of whether or not i graduated high school. your attempt to attack my grammar instead of my message means that you probably went to college and think you're smarter than everybody because of it. i hate people like you.
Isn't it interesting that the few "positive" Yelp reviews came from southern California and Florida? Quite a long way to send your machine for repair, don't you think? Don't they have computer repair shops there?
My Writing professor (Joanne Knowles) at PCC said literally the same thing about killing republicans when I took her class during summer term. But go ahead and keep throwing stones from your glass house.
#8: Is this the point at which someone should tell you that you kind of undermined your claim that there's a 99% chance that you're smarter than aurelius by admitting that you post drunk on a regular basis?