Attendance for the upcoming March 4 Trump rally is picking up steam with 283 supporters of the president pledging to attend the event. This could partially be because the event's former co-organizer, Kevin "The Geek" Kerwin, was told he was no longer welcome thanks to the revelation of several racist/misogynist posts on Facebook and Twitter. There are just about the same number of people pledging to attend the March 4 counter-protest also in Lake Oswego (and could be much more since their are three separate groups pledging to show up).

So the question is: Will violence erupt when these two groups come face to face? According to "March 4 Trump" organizer Carol Pressnall Leak, all Trump supporters are encouraged to be on their best behavior. From the Facebook event page:


And you know Leak is serious about making this a peaceful march, because she's invoking the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.—even though I seriously doubt he would've been a Trump supporter.


Despite Leak's encouragement for peace, you can be fairly certain Trump supporters will be carrying something you never see at Portland protests: GUNS. From the responses to Leak's Facebook post:




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Man, for people who talk so aggressively about people they call "snowflakes," they certainly are scared of snowflakes! Judging by the way Portland police treat peaceful, unarmed protesters, how do you think they'd react to protesters carrying concealed weapons? Or is it okay because of their political affiliation? We shall see what we shall see on March 4!

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