Spy verses spy type shit is going on here.
Spy verses spy type shit is going on here. harodominguez/gettyimages.com

The best summary of the last seven days of Trump's maddening presidency was posted by Foreign Policy. It's called "Trump Knows the Feds Are Closing In on Him." It points out that whenever the Russian issue gains momentum in the press, Trump does his nutty Twitter thing. So, after delivering a speech to Congress, on February 28, that the press and the public said nice things about, Trump went all quiet. He did not tweet. He basked in the presidential sun. Then, on March 2, it was revealed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath. Then, on March 3, Sessions recused himself from the investigation of a Russian matter that will not die. Then, on March 4, Trump went back to nutty and claimed Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential race. He offered no evidence for this claim. And then on Monday, March 6, there was mounting pressure by the press and politicians on both the right and left to back up this claim with evidence. This is where the Foreign Policy post ends.

What happened next?

This morning, March 7, Wikileaks dumped a bunch of documents that described "the sophisticated software tools used by the Central Intelligence Agency to break into smartphones, computers and even Internet-connected televisions" (New York Times). No intelligence organization worth its two cents will believe this is a coincidence. Wikileaks, which repeatedly dumped documents about Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign, has now dumped documents that are favorable to a fantastic claim made by Trump, documents that allegedly contain the top secrets of a major US military organization, the CIA. (These documents may or may not be authentic.)Everything here is pointing to the Kremlin, to the KGB, to Putin.

What will happen next?

Stay tuned.

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