Not all heroes wear capes, some wear face masks. A new Facebook page has appeared touting the handiwork of Portland Anarchist Road Care, an organization who claims to be taking "the state of the roads of PDX into the hands of the people."

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From Portland Anarchist Road Care Facebook

After this year's rash of winter storms, the abysmal state of roads in Portland is frustrating, and downright dangerous to cyclists and motorists. That's how Portland Anarchist Road Care say they got their start. Here's their mission statement from the "about" section on Facebook:

Because we believe in building community solutions to the issues we face, outside of the state.
Because society portrays anarchists as only breaking windows and blocking roads.
Because when faced with anarchism as a political theory, statest often ask "But who will fix the roads."
Because the city of Portland refuses to adequately repair roads in a timely manner.

We are Portland Anarchist Road Care. We believe in community oriented direct action. We believe the state cares more about funding a militarized police force to suppress free speech than caring for and repairing the roads.

The city of Portland has shown gross negligence in its inadequate preventative care through this winter's storms, and through its slow repair of potholes as weather has improved. Daily, this negligence is an active danger to cyclists and causes damage to people's automobiles, and an increased risk of collision and bodily injury.

Portland Anarchist Road Care aims to mobilize crews throughout our city, in our neighborhoods, to patch our streets, build community, and continue to find solutions to community problems outside of the state.

The art of rebel road care isn't new in Portland. Last year, a group called PDX Transformation took bike lane safety into their own hands, illegally "redistributing" cones to protect cyclists across the city.

Portland Anarchist Road Care says they've already patched five potholes on SE Salmon, between 37th and 39th and are monitoring the patches to make sure they hold up. It won't be easy, but their hope is to turn the public perception of Anarchism from this...


to this!

From Portland Anarchist Road Care Facebook

To report a pothole to the city, call the maintenance hotline at 503-823-1700, email or use the PDXReporter smartphone app.

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