How do we report a pothole to the anarchists? And don't tell me know "THEY" will put me on some list if they see me consorting with anarchists on Facebook.
Can't remember where I read this, but in another city some people would bring attention to a pothole by drawing a penis around it, sort of the way you draw an outline of a murder victim on the sidewalk. Might not work in Portland since we're so jaded, but it would probably work in a city with more uptight christians.
eprohet, here's their email
Anarchy rules as long as mommy and daddy are still paying your bills.
You poor fools. You all sound like, "someone keeps stealing my newspaper from my yard - must be them dang anarchists again!" You have no idea that while you make fun of people protesting, the real enemies of the state are loading their pockets with our infrastructure money. Even as conscious citizens are pitching in positive energy and acting on realistic solutions, you still think you're so cool by calling them a bunch of dirty hippies. Go back to your triple latte and online Monopoly game. You have no grip on reality whatsoever.
*except Berny5 and whatever999, you guys are cool
Anarchy is inherently capitalist in nature as people are free to trade without government interference. Making fun of them for some stereotype about mommy and daddy just highlights your statist brainwashing. As long as someone slaps the capitalism label on their corporate welfare you'll let there commies do whatever they want.
Its not, FYI. A lot of these actions have a really positive outcome. In my neighborhood there was a bus stop that was unsheltered for many years and the community kept asking the county to build a shelter because there was a lot of old folks caught waiting in the cold and the rain. The county did nothing for years until the community got together and built their own shelter, up to code and everything for only $800. The county was so embarrassed that within a week they had torn down the community-built shelter and built 5 new shelters along the Route. They charged the taxpayers $100,000, but at least we got their attention.

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