S1s former subterranean space.
S1's former subterranean space. SCOTT MAYORAL

S1, an experimental music venue, art gallery, and community center, has found a new home. Since its opening in 2014, S1 operated out of a massive basement on NE Hancock at 41st. On April 1, S1 signed a five-year lease on a new storefront location on NE Sandy Blvd at 73rd.

The non-profit, artist-run center hosts a variety of art shows, live acts, and classes on electronic music production. Last spring they debuted the Synth Library, which allows patrons (after one introductory course) access to tons of music production equipment. Their goal is to make the arts and music scene in Portland more inclusive and accessible to a diverse population.

Its new location is slated to open late this spring, but no official date has been announced. When it does open, S1 will continue its regular programming of artist residencies, workshops, exhibitions, and live performances.

If you are interested in getting involved with S1 before the grand re-opening, they are looking for volunteers to assist them in the moving process—you can contact Executive Director Felisha Ledesma at felisha@s1portland.com for more information.

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