Minh Tran

Tomorrow's 4/20, and that means... it's time for the Mercury's Weed Issue! This week we've got all kinds of goodies for you to check out:

Under the Counter: Comparing Craigslist Weed to Dispensary-Bought Cannabis: A thorough investigation into whether the tested, regulated cannabis in Oregon dispensaries is any better than the homegrown stuff you can get of Craigslist. Is it?

Weed Fairies Are Real! All you have to do it open your heart and mind, and weed fairies will bestow blessings upon you.

The Grass Is Greener on La Mota's Side: Our profile of Oregon's growing La Mota chain of dispensaries, headed by a 28-year-old Latina businesswoman and staffed by 80 percent women.

Move Over, Amsterdam! Pass the dutchie, Dutchies. Portland's the best weed city in the world now.

Reclaim Your Bong! Tips and tricks for getting your favorite piece of glassware sparkling clean.

Kush Quality Clothing Ideas for Your 4/20 Celebration! It's a high holy holiday. Well, high at least. So dress the part.

For Those Who Are Not About to Rock: A CBD strain might be just what the doctor ordered. (Disclaimer: We're not doctors.)

Music + Weed = Sometimes Great, Sometimes the WORST. A horror story in which too many edibles resulted in a disastrous concertgoing experience.

Token No More: Jesce Horton and the Minority Cannabis Business Association. The MCBA cultivates true diversity in the budding business of bud.

The Best (and Worst) Video Games to Play When You're Stoned: Mario Party, Resident Evil, Seaman—the Mercury's crack team of stoned gamers has just the game for you.