The Champs-Elysées, scene of Thursdays terror attack in Paris.
The Champs-Elysées, scene of Thursday's terror attack in Paris. Wikimedia

Another terror attack in Paris, just a day before France voted in the first stage of its presidential election. A police officer was shot and killed on the Champs-Élysées, in an attack being claimed by ISIS.

That's not just bad news because it's bad news. It might push voters toward the nationalist, bigoted leadership of Marine Le Pen, something Donald Trump appears to enjoy.

Bad news from Seattle, too, where three police officers were shot yesterday while responding to an armed robbery at a downtown 7-Eleven. All the suspects are teenagers, one of whom died.

Sunday's Front Page, Today: The O has a strong series out, in which it reports that a state-run website that purports to give consumers a look at the safety of Oregon elder-care homes actually leaves out thousands of substantiated reports of abuse and death. It is an awful look for an already beleaguered Department of Human Services.

Sign of the times: Gov. Kate Brown has ordered a temporary hiring freeze, as legislators try to figure out how the hell they're going to fund the next two years of government services.

OPB has a helpful look at some of the solutions being considered for closing the state's $1.6 billion funding gap.

You know there's an election next month? Here's a rundown of your choices for the PPS school board.

BTW, you guys: Doug hates God. Bigoted, angry street shouter Grant Chisholm didn't drop that classic taunt when he started bullhorning outside of the Mercury offices yesterday, but you could tell he was thinking it. Also, so we're clear: Doug doesn't buy antiques.

Clackamas County deputies have arrested a man they believe is the degenerate scumbag who walked into a Happy Valley Denny's on Wednesday, doused a stranger with gasoline, and lit him on fire.

Suspicious: A 47-year-old Portland police officer is dead. Devonna Dick didn't show up for duty for three days, and was discovered in her home, having apparently fallen down the stairs and broken her neck.

Leif's autobody was given an F grade by the Better Business Bureau. It tried to sue that F grade away. Nope, you still get an F grade, Leif's.

Everyone at the Mercury is going to work from home today, and for once I won't be silently judging them as I toil in the airless gloom of the news cave. Don't be like me and DON'T GO TO WORK TODAY. This is the last good weather we will ever see.