Photos & Video: May Day Chaos in Downtown Portland


What a bunch of stupid assholes. There's no coherent message, little to no organization, and nothing but destructive protests rather than constructive messaging beforehand or follow-up after the fact. This is how you simply piss people off in a counterproductive manner, rather than organizing for a real protest with a message to advance a particular cause.
I'm pretty sure the message was "fuck the police, fuck corporate money, and in New Portland, people care more about property than they do human lives". Pretty coherent message, and predictive of citizens' responses at this point as well.

I'm not altogether sure it matters though, since people literally do care more about Target's windows and property value than justice and reforming the murderous police these days.
Step 1: Break a bunch of other people's shit.

Step 2: ....

Step 3: Police reform!

I'm serious, if that is the message, and this is the way they are choosing to speak it, they can take their police beatings. There are no policy proposals, no other forms of outreach, clearly protesting hasn't worked given that we have had years of protests about this shit now, and what has changed? Not a goddamn thing except for the people of Portland getting increasingly angry at the childish anarchist protestors, meaning yeah, they are going to start caring more about other stuff, including property, and giving less of a shit that these emotional children who feel entitled to disrupt our lives at ever turn get an ass kicking and eye full of pepper spray from the cops.
After watching this I kind of wish that the cops clubbed some of the masked rioters like baby seals. We have to get out and organize,protest and resist but these anarchist assholes/rioters will destroy any movement.