Fox News has been the subject of an onslaught of bad press lately—mostly of the sexual harassment variety—but that doesn't seem to have dissuaded the Trump administration very much. We know now that Fox News is where Trump and his cronies get the bulk of their skewed information and alternative facts, which is probably why they have ordered the FDA to turn off CNN in their workspaces and start watching Fox News exclusively. From the Daily Dot:

Employees at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) said on Friday that the White House ordered the office to turn all televisions to Fox News.

The email appears to have been first tweeted out by freelance science journalist Paul Thacker.

Need proof that's exactly what's happening? Here ya go.

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And as I mentioned in Good Morning, News, the EPA has fired half of their scientific advisers who in the past have made sure that the facts behind how the agency makes its decision passed scientific muster. You can sit there and fume, or you can do something about it. Check out our Resistance and Solidarity calendar for ways you can fight for the truth.