Just when you thought Portland couldn't out-Portland itself (Look! A double decker bike for sale on Craig's List!) this happens:

October is Dine the Couve - 3 for $25 menus
Experience the bounty of northwest flavor with special menus at Clark County restaurants all month.


A happy hour downtown called "I Love Cats. And Drinking," billed as a safe space to talk about cats.

From the event's Facebook page:

"I LOVE CATS. AND DRINKING" (a.k.a. ILCAD) will feature cat-themed games, trivia, diverse entertainments, like "Meoweoke" (lyrics, shmyrics! Meow your favorite songs!), "Drunk Catstory" (a la "Drunk History", but all about cats!), cat-centric stand-up comedy, and, of course, cat-themed drink specials!

ILCAD will be a safe space to talk cats, put politics and everything else aside, and get to know new people who share your deepest passions—cats, and drinking!

The first of these weekly—YES, WEEKLY—events goes down this Thursday at 5pm at Tryst, downtown in Ankeny Alley.

This ought to finally settle our long-running feud with Seattle about which is the better cat city.

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See you on Thursday!

For the dog people out there, here's a list of other non cat-centric happy hours around the city.

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