Conflict of interest alert! (But you'll wanna know about it anyway.)

Guys! If you love laughing your pants off, you should come check out the debut of Portland's newest sketch comedy troupe, Sedan (co-starrring meeeeeee!). Comprised of some of Portland's funniest people including local improv and sketch comedy greats Shelley McClendon and Loren Hoskins, as well as heeelarious newcomers Chad Parsons (from Tunnel), Paul Glazier (Road House! The Play), and MEEEEEEEEEEEE (some jerk who runs the Mercury, and says amusing things on occasion).

Like a smooth luxurious ride to Comedy Town, Sedan will provide hot, fast, and smart sketches involving myriad topics such as space, tigers, death, ants, grave-robbing, elves, goblins, and lots, lots more! But most of all it completely covers the subject of FUNNY.

Sedan opens this weekend at the Siren Theater (315 NW Davis), Friday and Saturday nights through May 27, at 8 pm. $10 adv, $15 at the door. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! Vrrrrroooooooom!