HUMP! 2015s Best in Show winner, Level Up
HUMP! 2015's "Best in Show" winner, Level Up

First and foremost, HUMP! 2016 returns for an encore screening tonight and Saturday (May 12 & 13) at Cinema 21, so GET YOUR TICKETS HERE because this edition of HUMP! was super-duper hot and hilarious and you certainly don't want to miss it again!

Secondly, HUMP! is the subject of a terrific full-length feature story in Playboy! Sure, it does a great job explaining how HUMP! went from a small Pacific Northwest festival to a nationwide sex-positive phenomenon, but it also dives deep into how a homemade porn short for HUMP! gets made. AND it heavily features Portlanders who have made short dirty flicks (and won) at HUMP! Let's check out an excerpt from author Leah Sottile:

For their first submission, the group made D&D Orgy, in which a game of Dungeons & Dragons turns into a 20-sided dice-throwing fuck pile. Two years later, they submitted Humparaoke. Both made it into Hump!, and both were a far cry from anything you’d find on Pornhub: The actors laugh and smile, and there are moments of awkwardness. That has always been the group’s goal, they explain to me back at the bar: to show real sex, in all its rawness and honesty. Yes, there’s a thrill in having sex on a big movie screen—but the point, for them, is to push a new brand of porn out into the world.

“Straight people are terribly behind everyone else in their porn,” AJ says between bites of her burger. “There should be porn out there that some straight people could enjoy and that pushes some boundaries.”

To this group, that means porn that shows consent and is ethically produced—porn with a message that goes beyond hot sex.

“We want to be the change we want to see in the world,” AJ says (and it’s hard not to wonder for a moment if a Gandhi quote has been applied to porn before).

They have just six weeks to make a pornographic magnum opus.

It's a fun and sometimes moving article, and you should read it here. (Also it's a good way to prove you actually do read Playboy for the articles.) And we'll see you at the encore presentation of HUMP! 2016 this weekend!