Was this an interview with an anarchist or a libertarian? Couldn't really tell the difference.
Sounds like a Post-lefty Anarchist. Actually, some of the things the last interviewy said sounded the same. I was always taught that Anarchism was not about individual determination, but community, cooperation, and equality.
That actually made sense. I do have a few bones to pick with you though,

"Self-determination, you should be able to figure out what’s good for you. As long as you’re not hurting other people, then why shouldn’t you be able to do it?"

If you yourself have not endeavored to answer this, or the best you've come up with is "the game is rigged", then how can you be so sure that you yourself are not part of the perpetual cause of the very system your lashing out against?

"This whole system is based off work, capitalism, and production. Infinitely."

Nay, production is nothing without a consumer who empowers it. Capitalism is only made a negative term when citizens lose sight of what gives them leverage and instead makes themselves sitting ducks to capitalize off of as the yuppie in the hill spoon feeds them life in a box consumerism garbage.

More fundamentally the system is founded on property ownership, a thing that if given a chance you too would consume in a lopsided manner in the same fashion as countless others. Ohh wait let me guess, if you were rich you’d spread the wealth with your people right? But what about when your people start treating you different because you’re no longer one of them? And even if you did manage to be the diamond in the rough, how much in the way of equality would you claim to accomplish if your individual effort did not spread? The road to failure was paved with good intentions not bad ones. And this pointing the finger at individuals for what are systemic issues is counterproductive as none of it seeks to address what actually triggered the issue in the first place. Ergo, like so many other activism activities, this boils down not to, “I want change”, rather it is, “I want mine”.

As for ted, James Madison himself once said it is the role of government to protect people’s rights to own property – a right people in this country used to willingly died for. It is a fairly neutral role and ted is doing good at it. It is people who are their own worst enemy.

And I should add to that leverage. Leverage to make the interpretation of the law is largely tied to property ownership which increases your leverage.
Sounds like another coward with a hero delusion.
"Why am I paying [Mayor] Ted Wheeler’s salary? What’s he really doing for me that I can’t do for myself?"

-Some completely myopic asshole with no sense of perspective.

"All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us? "

-Monty Python, Life of Brian
My favorite thing from May Day: someone spraypainted a very important message on the pedestal upon which Abe Lincoln stands in the Park Blocks. It read, "WHERE'S YOUR FEE COUNTY."
I mean, I know what you were going for, just sums up the intellectual level of the people involved.

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