Wilhelms Mausoleum
Wilhelm's Mausoleum Courtney Ferguson

It's almost here! Memorial Day is the one day of the year that the Wilhelm Mausoleum (6705 SE 14th) opens to the public. Monday's open house is from 11 am-6 pm (may close earlier depending on crowds). There's usually popcorn, and more urns, miles of memorials, and shag carpet than you've ever seen in your life. It's really the coolest place I've ever seen. Last year, I walked four miles around that place (so says my pedometer) and spent nearly two hours in its labyrinthine hallways. The joint has eight floors, burrowing down into the wetlands below. I can't even begin to estimate how much square footage is in that place. Expect hundreds of people there, yet the halls will nearly empty on certain floors. But enough of this jibber jabber, check out the pics from one of my visits:

Courtney Ferguson

Courtney Ferguson

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Courtney Ferguson

Check out this post which has tons more pictures of Wilhelm's. And if you want to know more about how Portland mausoleums (and death) works, read this.