The Portland Business Alliance is Weirdly Obsessed with "Better Naito"


I am so tired of people choosing to drive everywhere and bitching about traffic that they create. Really people start commuting like you give a DAMN. Start giving a damn about your health, our environment and other people around you.
Good coverage! One note: 20% of Portlanders already ride bikes ... in fact, 25% say they "regularly" or "occasionally" ride for transportation. (And recreational bike trips, we know through separate data, are a larger share of U.S. biking that transportational ones.)…

Mode choices shift one trip at a time rather than one person at a time. I'm not sure if McDonough thinks about things in that way; if she did, maybe she'd understand how bike and transit infrastructure can advance her agenda of keeping cars and freight moving.
Good points, Michael. I was thinking of regular commuting when I wrote that. I'll be more clear.