We're still learning the details of Friday's devastating attack that left two heroic Portlanders dead and another wounded. Our feeds have been full of updates, reactions, and open letters from the media, celebrities, and those directly affected by our city. Nationally and internationally, the story has been picked up by dozens of news outlets.


In facing this tragedy, we need to talk about Islamophobia, racism, hate, violence, and the overwhelming love and heroism that the three victims demonstrated. Here are some sources to read more about the attack and how it's being covered outside of Portland:

Start with this heart-wrenching piece from the Oregonian, with first-hand accounts of what happened on Friday and one of the victims' last words.

Here's the New York Times on the attack and the suspect's previous record of extremist rhetoric.

Portland's Zahir Janmohamed—policy director for the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, co-host of the Racist Sandwich podcast, and Mercury contributor—published a must-read piece for CNN, "Portland Isn't As Liberal As You Think," describing his experience as a person of color and as a Muslim American living in Portland.

CBS News covered the racist tirades from the attacker just a day before the incident.

Slate published a list of all the things President Donald Trump prioritized over addressing the Portland attacks on Twitter. It took Trump more than 24 hours to acknowledge the tragedy, even after extensive prompting from individuals and groups, and this open letter from Dan Rather.

Here's CNN on Trump's eventual condemnation of the stabbings.

This moving letter by Taliesin Namkai-Meche's mother has been circulating, calling on Donald Trump to "take action" in condemning acts of violence like the one that killed her son.

And the Guardian is covering the fallout of the attack, as Mayor Ted Wheeler asks permits to be revoked for a "free speech rally" set for next weekend. Here's our coverage of that topic.

Here's an early list of places to donate to help those who were impacted. According to Think Progress, Muslim organizations have already raised nearly $500,000 for the cause.

Stay tuned to portlandmercury.com for continuing coverage, and be good to each other.