"You call it terrorism. I call it patriotism": Jeremy Christian's Arraignment Was Raucous


Epitome of alt-right snowflake logic. Free speech for my hate speech but don't you excersize you're free speech rights and tell me I'm an idiot and that I should stop yelling hate speech and be decent.
Jeremy Christian threatened people because of his political beliefs, then murdered people trying to protect those being threatened. This is plainly murder for political purposes and to inflict fear on the populace. That's terrorism.

This man's ideological compatriots are now defending this action for various reasons or trying to spin it to not seems as bad. These people say literally the same thing as him every day. They're members of a well-documented violent, right wing extremist extremist movement. We should have taken action against them in 2009 when Homeland Security tried to and was dissuaded by Republicans, who found them necessary to future electoral success.

If the system won't protect people from this violence, it falls to the public to protect each other and our city. Please be safe, everyone.
brain injured sociopathic racists really suck.
Funny how no one has a discussion about how society can and maybe has affected the individual. He was quoted as saying, "this is my safe place". True he chose to respond to what is a larger issue that many face in a sad way, but nonetheless the individual can and has been affected by the surrounding culture and society.

It is disturbing that for example a kid would go out and mow down his peers by the dozen in schools. But it is almost even more disturbing that no main-stream and very few if any less than main-stream conversations occur about WHAT KIND OF CULTURE HAVE WE PRODUCED WHERE A KID WOULD GO OUT AND KILL HIS PIERS? We mindlessly loop back on these "mentally ill" arguments or gun control or tighter security. But we all know none of these have any chance of saving the next person. They are attempts to address the affect not the underlying cause.

Crime increases or decreases along with social capitol. Studies show this. It is not simply normal human behavior to be controlled. It is abnormal human behavior to be understood. This has profoundly higher chances of ever leading to resolution. Yet people are more concerned about reafirming their group identity through monetary donations and rolling a bandwagon cry for blood than they are with understanding the man.

QUESTION: How healthy can these radicals be if there is no community to be healthy in? Sure others dealt with the underlying cause differently, but that does not mean they resolved it or even dealt with it neccessarily in a healthy fashion. It does not even mean they dealt with it in a fashion which does not hurt others. All it means is that they dealt with it in a fashion which does not DIRECTLY hurt others IN THE SHORT RUN.

ps - were I to play the point the finger game at individuals I'm not leaving you out antifa. You are the only people he was involved with just prior to this.

Lets sum up what the antifa-tards have accomplished thus far: At a time when the incoming mayor was publicly acknowledging the need to reduce investment in police force (because our previous mayor made it an agenda to unnecessarily increase it after instigating crime himself) you guys give him every reason in the world to do a 180 and increase police force. You ALMOST said one intelligent thing in an anonymous interview on some alternative magazine none but your fellow high school drop outs read. Now, after playing high school push-shove game of escalation instead of intelligently rebuking him in any kind of articulated fashion, you finally evoked a response from someone who just proclaimed "death to anti-fascist" while being tried for cutting three peoples throats. Keep it up kids.
Free speech or die? Okay, this racist asshole is welcome to die. The death penalty seems appropriate.
Don't give him what he so obviously wants: martyrdom. Let him rot away in prison for the rest of his life. Let him watch as his vision of a "vinland"-style utopia falls apart around him. That's the kind of punishment he deserves.