I'm having traumatic reactions every time I see the suspect's face unexpectedly. I need some kind of emotional spoiler alert, but Would you consider offering some kind of alternative? Like 'click here for photo' or 'follow our photo-free feed'? Thanks.
As I understand it he did actually warn them not to approach him. I am not convinced he had violent intent at all in the beginning. It would do well to see the video, but by now people have already painted their own picture and have not only made their own assumptions, but have also based policy on them.
I'm not sure you can claim "castle defense" on the MAX...
Bigot's gotta bigot. How do we get guidogazz on a watch list, anyway?
Guidogazz there is video of him threatening to stab people on the train the night before. It was his plan to stab someone for at least a day.
not necessarily, perhaps he just armed himself becuase he saw how violent the left gets when you disagree with them.....fletcher pushed him first...what part don't you sjw's get...this should be an example for all other white knights out there who wanna escalate a situation by virtue signalling....he was free to be against muslims, it's free speech, "hounding them" is that a crime...this is some reverse racist bs, he had the right to defend himself, fletcher should be charged with assault for assaulting christian, christian should be let go he's a hero

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