Dont be fooled by our cheerful smiles and professional bearing. We fucking hate the AHCA.
"Don't be fooled by our cheerful smiles and professional bearing. We fucking hate the AHCA." Sam Edwards / Getty

And Oregon's one of the states that hates it the most. According to data shared by the New York Times' Upshot this week, 56 percent of Oregonians oppose the AHCA. We're only beaten by D.C., Massachusetts, Hawaii, Washington, Vermont, and Connecticut, and only by a couple percentage points.

But the Times' big revelation is that zero states actively support the AHCA, and that's bad news for Republicans who like having their seats:

We found that Republicans have produced a rare unity among red and blue states: opposition to the A.H.C.A.

For example, even in the most supportive state, deep-red Oklahoma, we estimate that only about 38 percent of voters appear to support the law versus 45 percent who oppose. (Another 17 percent of Oklahomans say they have no opinion.) Across all the states that voted for President Trump last year, we estimate that support for the A.H.C.A. is rarely over 35 percent. A majority of Republican senators currently represent states where less than a third of the public supports the A.H.C.A. By comparison, President Trump received 33 percent of the vote in Massachusetts.

How many senators might lose their seats as a result of supporting the bill? A recent study found that Democrats who supported Obamacare lost about six percentage points in the vote in 2010 — a dangerous omen for the 15 sitting Republican senators who won their most recent elections by less than that number. For example, if the A.H.C.A. costs Republicans as much support as Obamacare cost Democrats, senators like Jeff Flake of Arizona and Dean Heller of Nevada might be in danger of losing their seats. We estimate that only 28 percent of the public in Nevada supports the A.H.C.A., while only 31 percent of Arizonans support it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you today in case you're having a hard time. The Senate might try to steal our health care, but they're pushing a deeply unpopular piece of legislation, and that's something, but it's not a winning electoral strategy.