The Montavilla Neighborhood Association Wants City Hall to Stop Homeless Sweeps On Its Turf


I have a feeling that there weren't many people showing up at that vote. I mean seriously who looked at the springwater corridor last summer and said: "I want that in my neighborhood!"? I will be personally giving rides in the back of my truck from our neighborhood over to montavilla to any homeless people who want to go somewhere they won't be swept.
There was no vote by community members and it was listed as "misc" on the agenda. Doesn't matter as you're not allowed to comment unless you sign up first, and why would you do that if you don't know what's being discussed. Even then they don't (and probably wouldn't) have to take input into consideration. It's not about what the community wants or thinks, it's about what the few people on the board want.
But hey! It'll drive down property values!
Another Ted Wheeler backdoor deal.

The current local governing body puts our citizens last. Our homeless last as well.

Instead of addressing the problems affecting Oregon residents, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has decided to declare our city as a sanctuary City.

Portland the next city to discuss bankruptcy.
Thayldt: nice copy and paste. Do you have any possible solutions?
Five bucks says every one of these board members loses their seat next election.

This was decided by a handful of radically activist board members, one of whom is a convicted felon who served time for making 11 bomb threats to places such as a movie theater, navy ship, and Oracle convention with 11k in attendance. It was at an "emergency board meeting" called by said board members with little notice and without the issue on the agenda for public view. The board in power has changed bylaws and enacted procedures for "cleansing the rolls" of its constituents to ensure that their personal agendas are the mission versus gathering the input and representing the wishes of the neighborhood. Many neighbors have said they have been bullied and targeted for trying to disagree with this board. One said that they had a board member call the city about violations like leaving their trash can on the curb past trash day in retaliation for disagreeing. If the Mercury wants a story it should really investigate corruption, censorship and abuse of power by the Montavilla Neighborhood Association board. Or at least do your journalistic duty by doing more research before publishing stories like this.