Hip.Bang Courtesy the Artists

If you haven't experienced the unbridled hilarity of the annual Stumptown Improv Fest, you really have some catching up to do! It's the fourth go-around for this fest (coming at ya August 3-5) which brings in some of the best local and national improv groups to strut their stuff in Portland, and this year's line up which has just been leaked to us is killer. Check it out!

Dasariski (LA)
Hip.Bang (Vancouver, BC)
Summerland (LA)
Orange Tuxedo (LA)
Broke Gravy (PDX)
Big Bang (East Coast)
Outside Dog (LA)
The Future (PHI)
Tunnel (PDX)
The Bloody Marys (Toronto)
Curious Comedy (PDX)
Brody Theater (PDX)
The Right Now (SF/LA)
Local Ensemble (PDX)
Peachy Chicken (PDX)

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From the above list, we're most excited about seeing LA's Dasariski (considered to be one of the best improv groups in the nation), Vancouver, BC's Hip.Bang (an award-winning duo that's whip-smart, fast on their feet, and absurd as all get out), and the return of the beloved Orange Tuxedo (Craig and Carla Cackowski) and Summerland who both killed it at last year's fest.

There's a ton to see and love from this list (plus a couple of secret additions that haven't been announced yet), so keep an eye on the Stumptown Improv site for more announcements and when you can start snapping up those tickets!