Courtesy Night Light Lounge

Fear not, Night Light Lounge loyalists. While owner Christopher Gutierrez confirms that he and co-owner Hope Beraka are indeed selling their southeast corner bar on Clinton after a 13-year run, the lounge will remain very much the same as it is now, from the drinks and the dishes to the staff and the laid back vibe.

“We nailed down all the specifics last Wednesday, and on Thursday we let the staff know,” Gutierrez says.

Once all the paperwork is properly filed, Paul Stevens will take over operations.

Stevens moved to Portland a couple of years ago from Friday Harbor, Washington, where he ran Pablito’s Taqueria, a farmers market food stand-turned-actual brick-and-mortar.

“I met with a broker who shopped a couple of places to me and when he brought this one up, I thought, ‘Oh, the Night Light?’ that would be an amazing opportunity,” Stevens says.

And Stevens says that that he’s definitely approaching the sale with a hands-off approach.

“I’m hoping to come in and continue Chris and Hope’s vision,” he says. That means there will be no real changes in the food, the drinks, or the staff.

“What sold us on him is that he gets the Night Light, he gets the history,” Gutierrez says of Stevens.

Gutierrez says he has no future restauranteuring plans. He says he’ll spend his days looking after his children, aged one and three.

Night Light Lounge: 2100 SE Clinton, 503-731-6500,