From Politico
From Politico

Tensions in Portland's political climate are high, to be sure, but are we the most politically violent city in the country? Politico seems to think so, and an article published today by Casey Michel makes some convincing points about the city's history of racism, a decade of Antifa activity, and escalating tensions between the right and left playing out in protests, as well as occasional violence.

Don't TLDR this one. It's extremely important context for Portland's current volatile political climate.

The next round of free speech protests and counter protests are scheduled for tonight. And a note to add to this prediction from the article...

And the likelihood of a confrontation may increase if Buchal, the head of the local GOP, follows through on his plans to hire militias—Oath Keepers and Three Percenters—as security at future events, a development he told POLITICO Magazine he’s still considering.

Consider that even more likely after today's news that Multnomah County Republicans formally announced that they will hire militia groups to run security at their events.

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