New Tenant Protections Are Likely to Die in the Oregon Senate


Good. This entire bill was ill-conceived, and would do lasting harm to the Portland housing situation, only benefiting incumbent renters at the expense of everyone else. Look at Santa Monica, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York if you want to see the long-term effects of these exact same rent control measures on housing prices.

Also, guess what? Rents have just about flattened out year-over-year this past year thanks to all of the new supply finally coming online. It's a pretty simple and straightforward issue - increase the housing supply and it puts downward pressure on prices. You don't have to involve the full Oregon legislature or amend state law to change the zoning in Portland to bring more housing supply online.
FlavioSauve, my 75 year old father has lived in his Santa Monica apartment for 30 years, and would have been displaced long ago without rent stabilization, as would all other working class and elderly renters. I was also able to stay in my neighborhood in Los Angeles for a decade thanks to rent control, as were the Latino families in my building, even after the neighborhood became ridiculously gentrified. There are tens of thousands more stories like ours.

Housing prices are high because the areas are desirable and land is finite, not because of rent control. As for the "trickle down" theory, I watched many higher end apartments sit almost empty in Los Angeles while the formerly affordable housing stock was snapped up and priced well beyond the means of the working class.
Your 75 year old father drove up rents for everyone around him. As did you and those Latino families (and what does their race have to do with anything?). How many other folks with jobs in Santa Monica or your other neighborhood have to live farther out, spending time and money commuting and imposing traffic costs on everyone else, because you enjoyed the subsidized benefit of rent control? Totally selfish, universally agreed among housing policy experts and economists as bad policy, and we're going to see the same bad effects in Portland as every other city in which it has been tried. It's a selfish grab by incumbent tenants at the expense of everyone else trying to compete for housing.
When FlauviSauve posts about "these exact same rent control measures," he is lying. In any of its forms, HB 2004 does not enact rent control anywhere in the state of Oregon.
LOL, albert, you disingenuous turd. Every rent control measure being proposed by Eudaly, Margot Black, and PTU is exactly the same as in those cities. HB 2004 itself doesn't enact those measures, but it clears the way. Do you honestly think nobody knows how legislation works?