Newspace Center for Photography Is Closing


I've been saying this for a decade now, and I'm starting to wonder if there's any point anymore, but if you want more of those cheap spaces that are on the edges of declining industrial spaces, you're not going to find them 10, 20, or even 60 blocks from the Willamette. 82 blocks away though... that's another story.

Portland is going to have to get over it's fear and distain of East Portland, as well as come to terms with the inequities between Portland and T.O.P.* in public policy, resources, and (yes I'm looking at you Portland Mercury) media and cultural neglect. We got warehouses and Craftsman houses that can become 4+ rentals galore out here. Good dive bars too. Just stop trembling in fear of SR 213, it's not any scarier than Alberta/Missippippi/Division, circa 2003.

*The Other Portland
It's not closing. It's closed. And they're not offering refunds to people who paid for expensive classes. It's sad to see them go. It's sad to see them go in such a shitty way.
I agree. The arts cost money. I was a donor to Newspace for nearly a decade. The question I keep asking over and over and over again to their board is why didn't they ask for help!!? All they had to do was send out an e-mail to their newsletter list..."hey folks, we're in trouble, please donate!!" I would have donated more. Lots of people in the photo community would have donated more and stepped up. They acted like everything was just fine and then *BAM* locked the door and closed up. I'm not saying things aren't tough, but this was a very poor way to handle this situation.
Basically my point on this one is that I know it is easy to blame something like this on apathy on the part of the community. However, the truth in this situation is that the leadership at Newspace royally screwed up. Period. This is on them and it needs to be investigated and called out.
bummer when the comments are more newsworthy/reported than the post itself :/