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In a world where actions still had consequences, things might be looking dire for Jr. right about now. After the NYT reported over the weekend that Donald Trump's namesake had met with a Russian attorney after his father won the Republican nomination, the paper followed up with a bombshell: He did so looking for dirt on Hillary Clinton that he knew might be coming from the Russian government. Predictably, Trump Jr. says there's nothing wrong with that. He's also lawyered up.

Important on this: Trump Jr. initially explained he'd spoken about adoptions with the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Here's why that's far less heartwarming than it sounds.

Also important: Not clear any of this—even if it's as bad as it looks—is a crime, NBC says

TAX THE RICH: Once again, Seattle is leading on policies we should be looking into here. The Seattle City Council yesterday unanimously approved an income tax on people making more than $250,000 a year (and couples earning more than $500,000). The new tax might amount to $140 million a year, but it's going to be challenged.

Hey! Homeless rest area Right 2 Dream Too has opened its gates to the general public, now that it's finally settled into its latest home just west of the Moda Center.

Good news: Now that the legislature has passed a $5.3 billion transportation package, TriMet is going to start offering discounted rides to low-income residents.

The FBI agent accused of shooting at Oregon occupier LaVoy Finicum in a tense moment, then lying about it, has retained a high-profile attorney who helped a US senator beat federal charges.

As Oregon plods toward instituting "Real IDs," the federally mandated driver's licenses that will soon be required to board flights, we've gotten the deadline to do so extended.

ORYGUN STUF: A camel was killed by a stray bullet down in tiny Cave Junction, following a dispute over guns.

Another search for missing Kyron Horman over the weekend turned up the same as all the other searches. This time, deputies were searching just off NW Skyline, near Springville.

Oh look! Eric Zimmerman, a former county employee who lost last year in a race for a Multnomah County Commission seat, is now an assistant city manager in Tigard. Good for him.

Don't sleep. Republican senators are getting ready to unveil a new health care bill—potentially this week. It's... not going to be great.

God I love summer.