GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Our chemistry is off the chain. It's perfect now, but will it change? LET'S GO TO PRESS.

A creepy story out of Beaverton: Police find the bones of a missing woman in a fire pit, and her son told investigators that he had burned his mother.

Jeremy Joseph Christian, the suspect behind the May's MAX train attacks, popped into court briefly yesterday to set his next court hearing and to yell, "Remember, there's no heroes in this case."

PANIC! (Or don't.) There have been shark sightings near Cannon Beach!

The seven-year battle to repeal and replace Obamacare may be on its last legs as the GOP all but admits defeat—but Trump, who has not been much help at all, is planning one last push.

Here's an interesting story on how the White House and McConnell screwed themselves with their health care debacle.

Turns out Trump had a second (undisclosed and hour-long) meeting with Putin during a dinner at the G-20 summit. Sounds pretty chummy!

Unsurprisingly, Trump went on another of his screeching Twitter rampages after the press found out about his secret meeting with Putin.

An eighth person has been revealed to have attended Don Trump Jr.'s pre-election meeting with the Russians, and he is of special interest to those investigating Russia's alleged collusion with the Trump campaign. Why? Because he's been accused of money laundering.

Meanwhile, the Russian lawyer who met with Don Trump Jr. has offered to testify before the Senate to "clarify the situation behind this mass hysteria."

Aaaaand just when you think Martin Shkreli can't get any worse, he gets substantially worse.

Now let's observe the WEATHER: Sunny again and 82 today, and only the slightest chance of a sprinkle tomorrow.

And finally, Chris Christie catches a foul ball at a baseball game, and gets roundly booed (as well as dragged by the announcer) for his trouble. Hee, hee.