Arent you glad this is a photo of an owl and not a Trump?
Aren't you glad this is a photo of an owl and not a Trump? Oktay Ortakcioglu / Getty

Your corrupt president continues to be corrupt. He's now enlisting lawyers to dig up dirt on investigators working with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III on investigating the Trump campaign's ties to Russia in order to weaken the investigation or just fire Mueller altogether. Because if you don't want to be accused of corruption, I guess looking like you have something to hide really helps?

Your clueless president continues to misunderstand health care. The Trump administration is pulling assistance programs that helped people sign up for the Affordable Care Act in 18 cities, making good on the president's tantrum promise to "let Obamacare fail". Trump's also said he'll somehow avoid being blamed for this. Um, good luck with that.

Turkey tries to pardon self: The Washington Post looks into Trump's apparent interest in whether a president can pardon himself.

"Regardless of how serious these conversations are, someone who has nothing to hide typically is unlikely to query his lawyers about whether he can pardon himself," writes the Post's James Hohman. "That Trump might be mulling such a move, however, is not terribly surprising when viewed in the context of his career: He has often behaved like the rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to him."

Have you noticed Trump still seems completely obsessed with Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote by over 2.8 million votes? It's not just you.

OJ Simpson was granted parole yesterday. He could be released as soon as October.

Lynch Meadows, Lynch Wood, and Lynch View elementary schools in the Centennial School District are getting renamed. "The schools... were named for the Lynch family, which donated land over a century ago to build the first of the schools," reports the O. "But Centennial Superintendent Paul Coakley says many newer families coming into the district associate the name with America's violent racial history."

Washington State's King County Board of Health has approved new requirements for so-called "crisis pregnancy centers," Christian-run centers that physically resemble abortion clinics but don't refer for abortions and instead attempt to dissuade women from having them. The centers will now have to post signs saying they aren't health care facilities, and will be fined if they fail to do so. Our sister paper The Stranger investigated several of these centers in 2011 (I helped!), and found that they peddled shame and perpetuated long-debunked myths about abortion.

Here's some more Morrison Bridge closure news, if you want it! (I know you don't, I'm sorry.)

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced that it plans to kill "some animals" in Washington's wolf pack. Poor wolf pack.

Today's owl news: An owl got stuck in a wheel well of a small plane at PDX, delaying a flight. Don't worry, it was safely freed.

Here is a soothing video that explains how owls fly. Good morning!