Thanks, Mayor Trump!!!!11
Good. Civics is supposed to be civil, our city offices need to function, not be a playground for whiny baby protestors who throw tantrums when the elected officials who represent *all of us* don't immediately give in to their own personal demands.
Right. Turnstiles are the answer to voter unrest.
BTW, don't forget the full history of the turnstile removal, which included $$$ wasted on outdoor furniture quickly pulled & placed in storage after the food cart vendor followed his conscience to a new venue when Portlanders boycotted him because Hales had displaced a long-term homeless vigil in favor of commerce.
I'm ready to give Chloe Eudaly a go at being Police Commissioner to see if a more enlightened approach to voter discontent yields better results than the past 3 mayor's escalation & pain compliance responses have yielded. The Portland Business Alliance has learned compassion is better business than sweeps, but that's not a commodity readily available from Wheeler, Fritz, Fish or PPB (whose primary focus appears to be on protecting their own fragile egos from voter outcry).

LOL, Eudaly has already discovered that governing is a hell of a lot harder than protesting - you think she isn't already getting rafts of shit and becoming completely annoyed with the activist base of which she used to be a part?

There's a reason we see a long history of hardcore activists getting involved, and then discovering that governing a) isn't very easy at all, and b) requires both compromise *and* representing the interest of *all* of your constituents, not just the few vocal crybabies who show up to disrupt things whenever their full list of unrealistic and unreasonable demands isn't met.

Our "enlightened" approach to homeless people has resulted in...a lot more homeless people. So you don't really have that argument going for you.

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