Did he just threaten to poke my pig?
"Did he just threaten to poke my pig?" Getty

The Washington Post is reporting that the GOP's "Skinny Repeal"—which is a scaled-back version of Obamacare that Senate leader Mitch McConnell has been trying to jam down America's throats—is now on very wobbly legs thanks to three senators who are refusing to vote for it unless certain conditions are met.

Republican senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Ron Johnson are nervous that if the current legislative plan is kicked down to the House, the Congress might ram it straight through to law before ducking out for their August break. This worries some conservatives because they feel the repeal doesn't go far enough, but what's worse for most Americans is that the plan in its current form is expected to significantly raise premiums, kill funds for preventative health care, and boot 16 million off their insurance according to the latest CBO score.

Also somewhat alarming? Sen. Graham said something about "a pig," and "a poke." From the Post:

“If I don’t get those assurances I’m a ‘no’ because I’m not going to vote for a pig in a poke,” Graham said, adding he would happily defend such a vote if he doesn’t get the guarantee he is looking for. “I do this with joy in my heart.”

As this bizarre soap opera continues to play out, stand by for even more twists, turns, and stabs in the back from the GOP. (And possibly more "pig poke" threats.)