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Cue up your Buster Poindexter, everybody, the Heat Miser's coming to call. Pretty much anyone can talk about locally is the three consecutive 100-plus days that we might be suffering through starting tomorrow. The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning as a result, and you can plan on hearing about MAX delays due to heat.

And just so you know, a temp higher than 107 has never been recorded in Portland (either downtown or at PDX). Worth it to pull for 108 just to more completely wallow in the misery of it all? This reporter thinks so. But seriously, stay hydrated and find somewhere cool to be. Here's a map.

If your eyeballs haven't pre-melted in preparation for Thursday, you've seen the sad tale of Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci who missed the birth of his child and began divorce proceedings in the 10 days he served as the White House communications director, and yesterday was bounced.

Oh you want more bombshells? NPR has the goods on new lawsuit from a Fox News contributor that alleges that a producer for the network and a wealthy Trump donor (and Fox News contributor) manufactured a story, with the knowledge of the White House, aimed at taking heat off of Trump's possible ties to Russia. The story, about a murdered Democratic National Committee staffer, was pulled fairly quickly after its publication.

Another thing the White House had its hands in: President Trump himself dictated the initial, bungled response to the revelation that Donald Trump Jr. had met with a Russian lawyer and others last year, according to the Washington Post. It didn't work out great.

Interesting: Renter advocates have succeeded in recruiting former state Rep. Shemia Fagan to run against state Sen. Rod Monroe, a fellow Democrat, next year. Why? As we've reported, Monroe was a key figure in blocking a bill for new tenant protections in the legislature this year.

The Tribune reports that Ibrahim Mubarak is battling a misdemeanor drug charge from early May. Mubarak is a prominent, respected advocate for the houseless who's played leadership roles in Right 2 Dream Too and Dignity Village, and advocates peer-run shelter models in communities around the country. We recently interviewed him when he left his role at Right 2 Dream Too.

UPDATE: The Village Coalition, of which Mubarak is a member, has released a statement saying that the charge stems from Mubarak helping a homeless Portlander move: "It was while helping a houseless person move their belongings from a threatened sweep last May that Ibrahim was detained by police and illegal drugs are alleged to have been found in his vehicle.Ibrahim is an observant Muslim and does not use illegal drugs. He also is not in the practice of inspecting the personal belongings of the people he helps. Ibrahim will help anyone who needs it, regardless of their personal background or challenges."

An undocumented immigrant with a lengthy criminal record is accused in a pair of awful assaults in Portland, and anti-immigrant types are screaming it from the rooftops. Meanwhile, Sheriff Mike Reese issued a statement yesterday explaining that he didn't comply with an ICE request to hold the man in jail last year, because that's against the law in Oregon (a federal judge has agreed). ICE could have pushed for a federal criminal warrant that Reese would have complied with, he says.

Portland City Council will consider laying the groundwork for two new water treatment plants tomorrow. Lots of people think the council risks rushing the decision.

Ford Explorers issued to police departments may have issues with carbon monoxide exposure. The Portland Police Bureau isn't sweating it.

ICYMI: The Oregonian asks whether Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney plans to retire—and doesn't unearth much of a conclusion.

Woody Allen: Bike lane enemy (among many other things).

You said you wanted sun.