Portland Police Say It's Fine If Officers Punch Suspects They Think are Noncompliant in the Face


Yeah well the Constitution says otherwise. So the Portland Police can go f*ck themselves. I hope they get sued into oblivion.
The editorializing in the lede will play well on social media, but I worry it doesn't meet the standards of traditional journalism, which is what I look to the Mercury to provide.

Was there a risk that readers would be insufficiently aggravated by the officer's quote? I can't understand the purpose of "Portland Police say its cool" when that is factually dubious and this isn't labeled as an editorial. Am I being a stick in the mud or is this a useful presentation for the audience?
my sympathy for bank robbers is fairly limited.
Read the fifth and fourteenth amendments of the Constitution. Us progressives? FFS get a grip on reality. Police do not have a RIGHT TO PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE. THEY ALSO DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE CHOKE HOLDS OR SHOOT THEM OR MURDER THEM. Conservatives sure do love other people's rights being violated until it happens to them and then they whine like little babies. The dumbing down of AmeriKKKa to the point of no one's rights matter except mine is why we exist in this this shit show we are now currently in and your attitude #3 proves the point. You are a racist dumb f*ck who believes that brutality and corruption are to be celebrated. Enjoy it when it happens to you, a**hole. Be sure to identify yourself as a Trump supporting mongrel so that we can all be extra sure that you won't mind having your face stomped in when you're a** is arrested. YOU ARE A TROLL.
Oh and read the 8th Amendment, too. Seriously, why do people like you believe that the Constitution only counts when citing your rights. And then you always confuse rights with "however I think the Constitution applies to me, which is 99% of the time wholly incorrect."

One universal rule police officers must follow is that they are not allowed to use excessive force or treat the arrestee cruelly. Generally, police officers are only allowed to use the minimum amount of force necessary to protect themselves and bring the suspect into police custody.