Danielle Outlaw, your new police chief.
Danielle Outlaw, your new police chief.

Portland, we're skipping the pleasantries today to get straight to all of the news. I know a lot of you read these for the pleasantries, but you're out of luck.

New Police Chief! After a months-long process that saw 33 applicants whittled to 4 finalists, Mayor Ted Wheeler announced he's hiring Danielle Outlaw, currently a deputy chief at the Oakland Police Department, to be Portland's next chief. That means Mike Marshman is out. It also means Portland will have a woman of color serving as police chief for the first time.

Also in police news: Wheeler and Commissioner Nick Fish have a plan to ensure cops who shoot someone are interviewed shortly thereafter. Looks like the despised "48-hour rule" might wind up being dead after all, despite the district attorney's worry that these interviews might make lawbreaking cops immune to prosecution.

Another candidate is gearing up to challenge longtime state Senator Rod Monroe, a key figure in the death of a renter protections bill in Salem this year. This time it's Kayse Jama, the respected executive director of Unite Oregon, who says he wants to fight for vulnerable communities in the East Portland district.

ICYMI, read this story about a PBOT worker who decided to install a Nike swoosh in the roadway in front of Under Armour's Southwest Portland outpost a couple weeks ago. He retired immediately afterward, and now the city is trying to charge him for the high jinx.

So apparently you can spark up in a Multnomah County courtroom and face no greater penalty than being shooed out? Good to know.

Oh man, the White House sure worked itself into a froth over this deeply reported NYT story, which concludes that Republicans—not super confident Trump will be around to run in 2020—are being especially aggressive about jockeying for position.

More on Trump's floundering support, from the AP. "Trump has remained deeply unpopular among Democrats, and there are signs that his support among Republicans may be softening. His advisers are aware that a serious slip in support among his core voters could jeopardize hopes for a major, early legislative accomplishment and would certainly increase Republicans’ worries about his re-election prospects."

And for real, what's up with this Twitter profile of a Black Trump supporter that looks like a fake way to market cheap goods, but might be far more?

The best story you'll read today is about a San Jose couple that quietly purchased one of the wealthiest residential streets in San Francisco. I don't know how that works, but it's awesome.

Sea Lion Cataclysm: State officials say the noisy predators that post up near Willamette Falls are on the verge of decimating the yearly run of steelhead trout making their way to spawning grounds upstream.

Remember Doug Brown's long, sad tale of a local man who was busted—by an undercover agent—smuggling carnivorous plants? The O, without bothering to mention Doug's story, reports the man got three years probation.

What's up with Portland's Worst Bridge? Well, the Morrison was partly shut down yesterday, when a semi truck overturned on its east end. Not strictly the bridge's fault, but still: terrible bridge.

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson recently eliminated one hurdle to getting a measure on the ballot. That's helping a group hoping to make things harder for undocumented immigrants in Oregon.

Not one detail regarding this missing Rock Creek woman is heartening.

In case this summer hasn't driven it home for you, the US is feeling the effects of climate change. "The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years, according to a sweeping federal climate change report awaiting approval by the Trump administration."