More alliterative bluster from the Worst President America Will Ever Know this morning. Trump tweeted that the military is "locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely" with its fast improving nuclear arsenal. The NYT takes pains to note: "As a practical matter, Mr. Trump’s tweets do not necessarily indicate a specific change in military readiness or any imminent action."

Keep in mind: There's still no proof North Korea has the ability to miniaturize warheads that could reach the US, though a strike on the pacific territory of Guam appears possible. Here are a couple of maps clarifying things.

Doug Brown

Did you miss incoming Police Chief Danielle Outlaw's first Portland press conference yesterday? Doug Brown's got that thorough run down, with audio. The most-quoted portion of Outlaw's appearance was a moment where she waffled on saying she'd "reform" the bureau, saying instead she'd strengthen its good work. Plenty of people aren't happy with that, but take note Outlaw also vowed to hold cops accountable. It's far too early to draw conclusions.

Seattle might be on the verge of creating "between 40 and 50 safe-parking zones scattered throughout the city" where homeless people living in their vehicles, and pursuing services, wouldn't be ticketed or towed.

Speaking of the homelessness crisis, the Overlook Neighborhood Association—my neighborhood association—continues to come up with cringeworthy ideas. The Trib reports on an item meant to prevent transient people from becoming members. "...if you happen to plop down on a city park bench for the night, that's not sufficient to say you have a commitment to Overlook," says Chris Trejbal, the association's chairman. I'm sure those folks are beating down the OKNA's doors.

The paper's also got an update on the future of the organized camp Hazelnut Grove, which Commissioner Chloe Eudaly's office says might move forward as a model akin to Dignity Village.

The O got the police report for an incident where a Washington County deputy decided he just had to shoot a goat. It's gruesome. "'I shot him again in the side of the head, just below the eye,' he said. 'This caused more screaming and struggling, but did not kill him.'"

Hey! Looks like Portland Public Schools is on the verge of choosing a superintendent again. Fingers crossed that this one sticks.

The state says Commissioner Dan Saltzman's mandate that all large nightclubs have an automatic sprinkler system is over-broad trash. The city disagrees.

You might have heard that Gov. Kate Brown is getting ready to wield the veto pen for the first time? One line-item veto, for around $2 million that would go toward long-sought bike and pedestrian improvements on Southwest Portland's Capitol Highway, is getting tons of backlash. Brown's heard from US Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Democratic state lawmakers, and tons of advocates asking her to reconsider.

Let's end on a high note, though. Bask in the glory that is the escalating war of words between Trump and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell.

It won't be in the 90s today! And check that chill Sunday drizzle!