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So Donald Trump finally denounced the Charlottesville racists yesterday, two days after one of them (allegedly) plowed his dodge into a crowd of activists and killed a woman. Was it a forceful, impassioned exclamation—like, say, a routine Trump tweet about the New York Times? Nah. As the Times itself reports: "He first offered a lengthy and seemingly out-of-place recitation of his accomplishments on the economy, trade and job creation."

Meanwhile, as many have pointed out, Trump was absolutely fuming about the African American executive from Merck who used the president's reticence to speak out against the Charlottesville racists as a reason to bounce from a White House manufacturing council.

And it's not just Kenneth Frazier! The CEOs of both Under Armour and Intel are also bailing from the manufacturing council, though their statements about doing so are more tepid than Frazier's.

Did you hear about confederate statues' Very Bad Day? In Durham, North Carolina, protestors pulled down a Confederate Soldiers' Monument, spitting on and kicking its crumpled form when it hit the ground. In Gainesville, a statue was removed before things could get to that point, and taken to a private cemetery. And in Lexington, Kentucky, the mayor announced two confederate memorials will be transported from in front of the courthouse.

Could the renewed push back against hard-right racists finally be the tipping point that sends Steve Bannon from the administration? It's not out of the question.

In case you missed it over the weekend, we reported that the city is threatening to stop recognizing the Overlook Neighborhood Association if it approves a bylaw aimed at stopping homeless people from participating in meetings.

Also: You know that new city law that forces landlords to pay relocation money to tenants when they issue no-cause evictions or hike rents by at least 10 percent? Looks like it's sticking around for a while.

TRAGIC: Two 19-year-old women were found dead on Mount Hood this weekend. Rescuers believe they both fell from a cliff in a "freak accident"?

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says one of its deputies is under criminal investigation. And that's all it's saying.

Someone says they've got a new lead in famous the DB Cooper mystery. My guess? They don't.

The latest prediction of dire woe to emanate from next week's eclipse is aimed at Vancouverites' commute into Portland. I'll be on my bike, and so cruising around town at my leisure, as usual.

Temps I can deal with.