We received a huge volume of cute entries in our Cutest Pet Photo contest, and a select sweet 16 made the final cut. To be clear: Every pet that entered is a winner in our eyes, but only one will take home the commemorative plaque! Who will it be? You decide! Today, we're moving on to Round 2! Submit your vote for the western division contestants Bun Bun vs. Johnny and Louie vs. Chauncey! (Tomorrow you'll vote on Soar vs. Bart and Django vs. Darla.) The two cutest animals in each division will advance to THE FINALS.


Poll closes Thurs, Aug 17, at 11:55 pm.
ICYMI: Check out how Portland voted in last week's match-ups between Bowie (a dog wearing a watermelon as a hat), Sora (a cat wearing a lion mane costume), Bart (a pug wearing a shark costume), and Vinnie (a snowboarding Pom).