Imperfect Produce

Food waste is a big problem in the United States, with "expired" foods being chucked from stores and refrigerators by the billions of pounds. According to a new food company, Imperfect, one in five fruits and vegetables grown in the US doesn't meet cosmetic standards for grocery stores, and this often sends them straight to the dump.

Imperfect is a new CSA-type delivery service where those heart-shaped tomatoes, overly stemmy kale, and dented squash are sold at a discount. The produce is totally edible, just not up to beauty standards.

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Imperfect launches this week in the Portland metro area, and I had a box of organic goodness delivered yesterday. I got more than 7 pounds of plums, a couple bunches of kale, nectarines, a delicata squash, plus other goodies. The cost? $15-17 a week or biweekly. You can also customize your order, so you don't get stuck with heaps of stuff you don't like.

While the company says it tries to deliver mostly local produce, my box included some limes that certainly weren't grown near here—but it did go well squeezed into a local whiskey. Sign up with the code HELLOPDX and get half off the first shipment.