Actually pretty good craftsmanship.
Actually pretty good craftsmanship.

A retired Portland Bureau of Transportation employee who used his last day of work to troll athletic apparel giant Under Armour has paid up for his high jinks.

Kirk Kennedy recently sent the City of Portland $266.16 in connection with a rogue Nike "swoosh" he installed in thermoplastic on July 28 outside of Under Armour's new Southwest Portland outpost, according to PBOT spokesperson John Brady.

"Mr. Kennedy paid the bill in full," Brady said this morning.

As we reported earlier this month, Kennedy, a former traffic crew leader at PBOT, spent his last-ever hour in the city's employ forcing his crew mates to watch him meld the plastic swoosh to the Barbur asphalt using a blow torch.

The swoosh was installed at the end of the work day on a Friday, and Kennedy's (former) crew mates reported the delightful vandalism to their superiors the following Monday morning. PBOT was not pleased.

"From our standpoint, the motive is almost beside the point," Brady told the Mercury earlier this month. "This is something that went beyond the pale and never should have happened in the first place."

Beyond apologizing to Under Armour, which insists it found the prank funny, the city sent Kennedy a bill for the cost of cleaning up the swoosh, and threatened "to pursue all legal recourse" if he did not.

Brady says Kennedy paid by check. He didn't include a letter of explanation.