Portland Antifa Deface Confederate Monument in Clark County


Fuck the alt left anifta and the far right where are the normal middle people.
Would really be interested in hearing a real journalist interview a real professor s p.o.v. in whether secession automatically is to be equated with racism.

Ohh well. 100+ years millions of people either saw it as a reminder (and deterrent) from where we came from and what we been through. Now in comes a group of homeless kids with too much time on their hands in desperate search of finding some group identity. So they disguise their need for belonging with white guilt and start associating random objects with racism and pooping on statues.

In the end our reminders of where we came from and what we went through are demolished therebye opening the gates for it to happen again... All because some antifa-tards felt they did not have enough struggle in their life and knew they were too stupid to make any real change for the better.

...but what do I know? I just a cracker.
"start associating random objects with racism"

Yesterday it was an inflatable pool on someone's lawn! The other day it was a Honda Accord! Totally random, and not at all because it is a specific monument dedicated to honoring people who fought because they believed they should be allowed to own other people as slaves!

Crawl back into your slimy hole, you racist shithead.
What FS said. Heather Heyer's family doesn't need any reminders that racism/fascism are alive and well today. Confederate monuments were not put up right after the Civil War, they were put up during the Jim Crow era to intimidate communities of color. If you are one of the chinless turds who are defending them in the name of history and culture then you belong in a dark basement Museum along with them. Fuck you, you spineless closet racist fuck. Sincerely, everyone else in the world.