GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Is that your car, the SK-8? Are you riding alone, can I be your date? LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Roughly 200 protesters showed up yesterday to jeer House Speaker Paul Ryan at a fund raising dinner for Oregon Rep. Greg Walden.

An Oregon woman took a cop to court for ordering her to get off the phone while driving. The judge said she was right, but EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD KNOWS SHE'S WRONG.

A hit-and-run driver who struck a cross-country cyclist on a fund-raising trip—AND DEMANDED THE CYCLIST PAY FOR THE DAMAGE TO HER CAR—has been arrested ha-ha-ha.

If you're serious about combatting racism, Portland, it's time to take a hard look at yourself. Check out Zahir Janmohamed's excellent feature story "How Portland is Driving Away New Residents of Color."

Today in "creeps who can't get along": The pissy slap-fight between Trump, McConnell, and Ryan continued to escalate today when the president blamed the leaders for the upcoming "mess" about raising the government's debt ceiling.

Meanwhile Trump is threatening a government shutdown if his stupid border wall isn't built. (This is another one of his idiotic plans that will almost certainly blow up in his face.)

After his lurching, nonsensical speech in Phoenix, Trump decided to try something new, and wildly different for his appearance in Reno, Nevada—sticking to the teleprompter.

Speaking of racism, white nationalist Christopher Cantwell has surrendered to police on charges of "the illegal use of tear gas and of malicious bodily injury by means of a caustic substance" in Charlottesville.

More than 1,000 showed up to support footballer Colin Kaepernick outside NFL headquarters yesterday, demanding that he be signed to play.

The Navy has released the names of 10 sailors who are lost and probably dead following the crash between a destroyer and oil tanker on Monday.

Tropical Storm Harvey is on track to turn into a very dangerous hurricane when it hits the Texas coast on Friday.

The second-largest Powerball contest ever has a winner, and... NOPE, it's not you. It's some lucky schmuck in Massachusetts.

Now let's look at the WEATHER: Cloudier and cooler today with a very reasonable high of 75.

And finally, let's check out that new star-studded Katy Perry video for "Swish Swish", shall we?