As you know, Neil Diamond's Hot August Night is the greatest live album ever recorded. Argue if you will, but a quick peek at the liner notes reveals a virtual juggernaut of hummable pop hits including "Cherry Cherry", "Shilo", "Sweet Caroline", "Holly Holy", "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon", "Red Red Wine", and DEAR GOD IT JUST DOESN'T STOP. And to celebrate the album's 45th anniversary, the Siren Theater—home to the best comedy shows in town—is presenting a one-night only special event TONIGHT: "Hot August Night: A Comedy, Spoken Word, and Musical Tribute." And check out this line up of local heavy hitters who will be dishing out the entertainment:

Author Chelsea Cain

The Decemberist's Chris Funk

Author Ryan White


The Siren Theater's Shelley McLendon

Sketch comedy troupe D&D

The 3rd Floor's Lori Ferraro

Lez Stand Up's Kirsten Kuppenbender

Stand up comics Jeremiah Coughlan, Paul Schlesinger & Jason Traeger

That is a buttload of comedy, music, and word-speaking—and if any album is worthy of such slavish devotion, it's Neil Diamond's Hot August Night. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND HERE FOR THIS ONE-NIGHT ONLY EVENT!

Fri Aug 25, 7:15 pm doors, 8 pm show, The Siren Theater, 315 NW Davis, $10-$15