Shes still got the moves!
She's still got the moves! Showtime

This Sunday is the two-part finale of Twin Peaks: The Return, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Knowing David Lynch, many of these will likely remain unanswered, but hopefully he'll detangle at least a few of these mysteries:

• Is Audrey Horne in a mental health institution?!

• In last week's episode ("Part 16"), we found out that Mr. C sexually assaulted Diane—did he also rape and impregnate Audrey when she was in a coma 25 years ago? Is that why he said "goodbye, my son" after incinerating Richard on a rock? But why would he kill his son, when they could do evil stuff together? If a tulpa (Mr. C) and a regular human (Audrey) reproduce, is the result a tulpa-humanoid? Is that why Richard sucked so much?!

RIP... NOT Showtime

• Why's all this weird shit happening in the Roadhouse? Weird shit always happens in the Roadhouse, but this season's had some particularly out-of-bounds weird shit. Seems like every woman who enters the bar—both central and peripheral characters—are in some way degraded or mistreated by men. Then there's garden variety weird shit: James and his Hulk-handed friend from England? Sarah Palmer's face-door? Nine Inch Nails?!

• Will Michael Cera reprise his role as Wally "Brando" Brennan—the freewheelin' son of Andy and Lucy—in the final episodes?!

Obviously a very cool and worldly dude.
Obviously a very cool and worldly dude. Showtime

• Are Nadine and Dr. Jacoby in love?!

• Okay, so now we know that Diane and Jane-E Jones are estranged half-sisters. What drove them apart? Typical half-sibling rivalry, or something more sinister?!

• What is the sound Benjamin Horne and his secretary Beverly investigate in that Great Northern room? Is it the late Josie Packard? Is her soul still trapped in that drawer's wooden knob, forever bound to the lumber industry of Twin Peaks?!

• Who was at Sarah Palmer's house when Hawk came over?!

Tulpas, though—a lot going on there. In Tibetan mysticism, "tulpa" means "thoughtform." It's something or someone human beings can conjure into existence through mental/spiritual power (Indiewire has some good background on this). Lynch's tulpas are like doppelgängers, but with the golden pearl/seed business, does the Black Lodge have the capacity to make infinite duplicates (like Dougie)?!

• In "Part 8," we saw the first atomic bomb detonated in the New Mexico desert, and Bob's face was in the billowing, toxic smoke. Did this event tear open an entrance to the Black Lodge? This would fall in line with the whole idea of tulpas, seeing as they're manifestations of human-created good/evil. Plus, it doesn't sound like the detonation necessarily created the Lodges, since Hawk says it's been in his tribe's folklore for ages. Is the FBI's "Blue Rose" project an effort to reseal the rupture?!

Yikes. Showtime

• Was Sarah Palmer really talking about the arrival of turkey jerky in the grocery store, or the arrival of the Woodsmen?!

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• Who is the lady with no eyes? Who the heck's after her? Is it the Woodsmen?! (It's definitely probably the Woodsmen. But why do they want her?!)

• Sounds like both Cooper and the Woodsmen (including Mr. C) are en route to Twin Peaks. So there's probably going to be an epic battle, good vs. evil, that I'm assuming will go down at the sheriff's station, based on what tulpa-Diane told Gordon and his FBI posse before she got sucked back into the Black Lodge. Based on common doppelgänger lore—that seeing your double means certain death—it's pretty certain that only one Cooper will be left standing. Also, how exactly do FBI agents duel physical incarnations of pure evil?!

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