Eh, I imagine they're Trump supporters who both hate beauty (it makes them feel stupid) and want to damage Oregon's tourism industry.
Why the hell not? Let's start a conspiracy theory.
This woman practically did nothing but sit by and watch as these kids lit the place up.
I'm sure griping art them really helped slow the fire. She should be almost as ashamed of herself as those kids.
One more example of our "don't get involved" society.
And she has the nerve to make herself out like some sort of good citizen?
What the hell is wrong with people now days?
Xole, not sure what you wanted her to do? She told the kids off and reported the information to the authorities.

She can't stop the fire on her own and she can't throw the kids off a cliff, so... what is it that you think she failed to do?
yes, Xole, please share with us all what you would have done differently? She should have thrown herself onto the fire below? Known what the boneheads were doing before they did it? Please, what???
Yeah, really, Xole. Please, tell us exactly what it is that puts you in a position to cast aspersions on this woman...
When will the arsonists be named?

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