Former Top Aide to Chloe Eudaly Has a New Job—and an Atypical Paycheck—in Two of Her Bureaus


"Austin laments the state of the websites for both bureaus that now employ him, and says they need to better explain to the public what they do."

His work on Chloe's website doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence:…
shocking that Eudaly is embroiled in fiscal controversy, absolutely shocking...
Isn't it common knowledge that David Austin was fired by the county? Why is he talking like he wasn't?
This is a major conflict of interest!

ONI is supposed to be representative of the neighborhood associations (it is a perverted reconfiguration of the original Office of Neighborhood Associations, and used to be independent of the city, so moved from bottom up to top down).

BDS has a mission of overseeing the teardown of as many affordable historic properties as possible and replacing them with giant overly expensive new structures in the interest of developers.

To merge the mission and messages of the two bureaus is in effect to railroad any vestiges of self-determination that the neighborhoods once had.

With Eudaly we once again have voted in someone we thought to be progressive, only to find her do the work of the moneyed class.
So Eudaly can break and bend rules to not pay interns at her bookstore, and pay her cronies more in her government position, but wants to put the screws to landlords and tell them they can't charge market rate rent increases to support their own families?

Great work, Portland progressives - you picked a real winner here.