In a Shocking Turnaround, Dan Saltzman's Not Running for Re-Election


So Loretta Smith is resigning from the County Commission?

The county charter prohibits Commissioners from running for another office without resigning from the Commission first.
No, Euphonius, she will "resign" in January, while "not running" until then.
She announced that she's running. She said it to this paper and posted it on social media.

In the past, candidates have not done that without resigning first.
There is more domestic violence in Portland than LA, NY and Florida combined. Portland is all about the perpetuation of domestic violence. It has thrived under Saltzman. Segregated housing, rampant documented racist rental practices (repeatedly documented by the Oregonian. Just google.) have thrived under Saltzman as well. I didn't know he over saw the fire department. No wonder. I have yet to see a fireman who wasn't a white nationalist look alike. The Fire Department is at least as racist as PPB if not more so. Saltzman had an agenda alright. It was to keep Whites in power. 'This American Life' radio show has a popular episode about what happened after a a NY school board got a majority of school board members who were Jewish. They preceded to completely devestate and ruin public schooling for minorities of color (not including Jewish kids). Then you look at what Saltzman has done to minorities and housing and it all comes together.
When Saltzman was asked what he would do regarding the second, (as in not the first but second,) official city testing that documented over whemingly racist rental practices in Portland, he said "He didnt know what to do" and did absolutely nothing!! Nothing. Knowingly letting landlords continue city documented racist rental practices is nothing less than giving it his blessing and approval. Don't let those Latinas and people of color have fair housing!!! Guess who Saltzman wont be missed by.