GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Have you ever mistreated anybody in order to advance yourself? If you have, it's coming up again. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

To the surprise of everyone (except maybe challenger Jo Ann Hardesty) longtime city commissioner Dan Saltzman has decided not to run for reelection. Now is when things get interesting.

Portland is planning some exciting and welcome changes to the Duckworth Dock, aiming to upgrade it into a "world class urban swimming hole."

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is resigning, effective this afternoon, after his cousin stepped forward to accuse Murray of sexually molesting him in the '70s. This is the fifth person to level such accusations—all of which the mayor has denied.

In school news, former Faubion Principal LaShawn Lee admitted her hands were tied by teacher union regulations, and was unable to protect her students from longtime educator Mitch Whitehurst whose license was revoked for sexual misconduct with students.

The Columbia gorge fire continues to burn, now engulfing 35,600 acres—officials say 11 percent of the blaze is contained.

Meanwhile a Utah man (driving a stolen car) is suspected of setting four forest fires in central Oregon.

Following Hurricane Irma, Florida is trying to pick up the pieces—though it won't be easy with millions of residents without power . (Five people died in a Florida nursing home due to a lack of electricity.) Irma's devastation hit especially hard on the formerly lush island of St. John. And while the hurricane revealed plenty of heroes, you won't be surprised to read a headline like this: "A Marriott rescue ship left stranded tourists behind because they weren’t guests of the hotel."

The Supreme Court has sided with the Trump administration, agreeing that some refugees can be barred from the country for now. The Supremes also agreed that "Texas does not immediately have to redraw electoral districts that a lower court found diminished the influence of minority voters."

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that former FBI Director James Comey should be investigated by the Justice Department for potential crimes... but mostly because he has information that could lead to the impeachment (and possible indictment) of Trump, right?

Bernie Sanders is introducing legislation that would expand Medicare into universal health care—and while it doesn't stand a chance with Republicans, it's got a surprising amount of approval from Democrats.

Okay, what do you say we check out this WEATHER: We got a string of nice sunny days ahead, with very comfortable temps in the mid-70s.

And finally, Apple is proud to present... the new $1000 EMOJI MACHINE!