The biggest question in the food world was answered last night: Who won the Feast Sandwich Invitational? This year sponsored by the Trailblazers (I don’t know what a Trailblazer looks like but there didn’t seem to be anyone there tall enough to make a basketball team, unfortunately), the inaugural Feast event of 2017 pitted 19 chefs in sandwich combat.

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It seemed better than last year’s in that there was less toast and fried chicken—although the winner was a fried chicken concoction, courtesy of Rick Gencarelli of Lardo. It was a beast, piled high with bacon, pickles, honey butter and mayo. After one bite I was ready to check my cholesterol levels. I was surprised it didn’t win the people’s choice, given the huge line it attracted. That honor went to Melissa McMillan of Pastrami Zombie (both are full time sandwich makers, which may tell you something). There were plenty of OTT constructions, but I liked the simplicity and originality of Urban Farmer’s braised beef and lefse, while John Tesar's (Knife, Dallas, TX) almost elementary take on a cheese burger was majestic—the dry aged beef just melted in the mouth.

The great American sandwich: Lardos winning effort
The great American sandwich: Lardos winning effort

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